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  • InterCLASS User Guide

    This guide explains the various InterCLASS features used to control your classroom or library. For general information on the most common InterCLASS features, please refer to the Step by Step Installation, Setup and Basic Operation Guides.
    *Some features are not shown on the InterCLASS teacher console by default. If you would like to use these hidden functions, please open "Settings" > "General Settings" and "Function and Panel", then click[Show/Hide Function Buttons] to add the hidden functions to the display.

  • InterCLASS Video Tutorials

    Watch the overview of InterCLASS, and learn how to use it in your class.

  • Features List

    You can find function descriptions and search the InterCLASS guide from the Features List.

  • Program Checker Tool
    Teacher and Student Connection
    Screen Transfer Functions (Send Demo, Monitor, Remote Control)
    • Changing to the Non-driver mode
      (Apply this setting if you get a "Black Screen" or "VCS Program Error" when you execute any screen transfer function. For Windows XP, please apply this setting if you use InterVideo WinDVD software)
    • Changing to the TCP protocol mode
      (Apply this setting if the screen transfer image gets choppy or the remote control feature doesn't work well)
    • Changing to the Multicast mode
      (Apply this setting if the screen transfer image gets choppy or the remote control feature doesn't work well)
    Power Control functions
    Error Recovery
    Install / Uninstall
    >> FAQ and Tips
    Back Up Settings
    Tips for Student thumbnail icon, layout setup
    Tips for Wireless laptop cart, one-to-one laptops
    Tips for Quiz functions
    Other Tips


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    >> Install and Setting Guide
  • InterCLASS Install Guide

    This guide explains all InterCLASS installation procedures. Please follow these quick and simple steps to install InterCLASS in your lab.

  • InterCLASS Setting Guide

    This guide explains the InterCLASS settings in detail. It includes information about working in a wireless environment, configuring function settings and customizing the program to suit your needs.

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